"Painting for the Apocalypse"

Cosplay Panel

TiredDad Cosplay (Formerly TillyTilde Cosplay) is back at the sci-fi festival, and this time they will hold a painting panel where you can get advice and tips on when to paint your own cosplay props!

What should one use to prime EVA foam? How to create realistic rust effect? Tilly will answer this and much more under the panel.

The panel is held in screening room 1

Sunday at 15.00

Make your own Buttons


In this worksop you can make your own buttons, here only the imagination puts a limit for what you can make.

The worksop wil be in the mezzanin

its in the third floor above the retro department.

and it will be open both Saturday and Sunday.

From 14:00-16:00

Cosplay competition - what happens there?

Cosplay Panel

Have you always wanted to participate in a cosplay competition, but were unsure of what was really going on? What exactly are the judges looking for and what is actually allowed to do on stage? Fear not, for Idamartini is here to answer all this and more. She has previously been a judge in everything from cosplay catwalk to master cosplay at various conventions and will be able to tell about everything you need to know before participating in your first competition!

The panel is on Saturday at 12:00 in screening room 1

Cosplay Travel - And how to do it

Cosplay Panel

Cosplay Travel: Join a discussion about traveling with cosplay. There will be shared tips of tricks, demonstration on how to pack your suitcase and stories of what you should not do.

The panel is on Saturday at 15:00 in screening room 1

And is held by

Christina Erring / Chrix Design

How to study Cosplay in school

Cosplay Panel

Athehra Cosplay has been active in cosplay since she started in 2009. She is a trained Make-up artist with specialization in special effects, and has completed an intensive year with Sewing and Design at Folkeuniversitetet. Today she is permanently employed as a teacher for Cosplay Level-UP at Hardanger Folkehøgskule. Join the Folk High School panel of Athehra where she will give an insight into what it is like to play cosplay in a folk high school setting. She also has former student and PhD student Ingrid Lauren who will tell about her experiences from the years at the folk high school.

The panel is on Sunday at 1200 in screening room 1



We have a pixel contest going on thru the whole festival.

Its a table in the retro department where we have beeds in all colors you can imagine. here you can sit down and make pixelated pics just for fun or you can join the contest and win fame and glory.

The winner wil be chosen on Sunday.

It will be open as long as the retro departmentis open.